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When it comes to languages and dialects spoken in African region, Wagner Consulting International stands out as the most reliable translation service provider. We work with highly qualified linguists who have years of experience under their belt. With in-depth understanding of the Lingala language and more than 100 other languages, our team promises the fastest service with the highest quality. We translate all kinds of material in various forms including books, scripts, manuals, and presentation.

A Little About Lingala

Lingala is one of the dialects used in the Republic of Congo. It is a dialect of Bantu Language widely spoken in central Africa. According to the latest survey of the region, there are over 10 million people who speak Lingala as their mother tongue or second language. A large majority of speakers are unable to speak or read any other language making it critical for businesses to translate their material to Lingala in order to improve outreach.

Why Us?

Wagner Consulting International is a company that aims to help businesses and corporations expand their global outreach. Our translation service is an extension to our corporate solutions. That is the reason we hire a team of professionals with exceptional command over the languages as well as an understanding of your industry and business. However, we also provide Lingala translation to individuals who need our services for any other reason such as academic or personal.

At Wagner Consulting International, we provide value through our quality and cost effectiveness. So, if you are looking for translation of Lingala to any other language and vice versa, we are a team you can rely on.