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Wagner Consulting International provides professional website 'localization' services for all type of sites. Localization meaning that the website appears to have been made by natives from the country that the site represents. Wagner Consulting International staff do all copy-writing that the websites hold making sure that it is always culturally relevant and consistent, and that it has the 'native' touch. We believe that connecting with the target audience, means needing to speak the target audience's 'language'.

Recent studies have shown that the likelihood of potential visitors converting to customers, increases by up to 50 per cent (provided that the website is in the customers’ native languages). When teams of linguists work on a website, they ensure that the content is culturally adapted and locally relevant, so as to engage and connect with one's desired target audience. With software localization and website localization services, companies and individuals can be sure that the end users will feel that the content is specifically designed for their them, their country and their culture - content with proper sentence structure, including attention to local phrasing, idioms, vocabulary and syntax, making it 'localized' for the particular chosen markets.

Software Translation

At Wagner Consulting International, companies can buy software translating apps or software, and be able to mass-translate documents and more at the touch of a button. One of the main considerations during software translation is the co-operation between linguistic experts and programmers. With the help of a systematic work structure and streamlined process, Wagner Consulting International aims to offer services for a multitude of operating systems and programming applications.

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