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Luganda is one of the major languages spoken in Uganda. Wagner Consulting International offers professional Luganda translation services to businesses in Luganda as well as international companies expanding their outreach to Uganda. We offer translation services that reflect quality and value for our clients. Other than Luganda and English, we hold great command over more than a 100 languages spoken all across the world. We serve businesses, corporation, as well individuals. We promise a service that offers you the best value for your money and time.

A Little About Luganda

As we mentioned, Luganda is one of the major languages in Uganda. It is, in fact, considered a dialect of Bantu languages. Being a language with subject-verb-order, Luganda garners much attention from linguists interested in Niger-Congo languages. Currently, it is estimated to be spoken by more than sixteen million people. In most schools, the language is actually a part of the syllabus. It is an important language in the region, and if you want to expand your business in Central Africa, you must ensure that you are reaching out without any language barriers.

Why Us?

Wagner Consulting International helps you jump over those language barriers. We have a team of professional linguists and translator who understand the technical aspects of every language including, Luganda, English, and more than a hundred others. More importantly, we understand every industry as well as the cultural aspects of the countries and region that language is spoken in. That is how we ensure a flawless and fault-free translation of all kinds of material.