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Wagner Consulting International provides a complete array of Amharic translation services for a variety of industries. Our clients include leading names from various sectors such as government, corporate, education, technology, medical, and legal. We work with a team of translators with great command over both the languages and also an understanding of our clients’ specific industry. We translate documents, books, software, or any other kind of text.

A Little About Amharic

Amharic, the lingua Franca in Ethiopia, is considered the second most spoken language in Africa and fifth worldwide. There are more than 27 million Amharic speakers; most of them belong to the upper and middle class societies. There are many Amharic speakers who do not speak or understand English or any other language. Outside of Africa, there are nearly 2.7 million immigrants around the world who speak Amharic.

Why Us?

At VIP Translator, we understand the technicalities and intricacies of Amharic language translation and therefore guarantee a job that is free of contextual, grammatical, or any other kind of errors. We have a proper quality assurance process that ensures that the document delivered carries the meaning and purpose of the original.

In order to keep our quality standards at the highest, we work with a team of some of the most qualified and experienced translators. Our professionals are well aware of the subtleties that make up a language. They boast command over not just English and Amharic, but more than hundred different languages spoken around the world.