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The Audio & Media Division of Wagner Consulting is an innovative and visionary service of our company. To understand how this division works, it´s important to explain our internal process to provide the best service to our customers.
We start with the planning and structuring of the project, resulting in a high quality product. Also, we work under international standards, helping to make the content precise in any context.
Audio services and Media services have points in common that make them an integral service that we offer at Wagner Consulting. We are responsible for communicating your company’s message in a creative way, transforming your ideas into a professional visual experience. Wagner Consulting is the pioneer and leader of this worldwide service.

All Wagner Consulting´s productions are evaluated and reviewed carefully from the perspective of all communication branches: message strategy, scripts and conceptual structures, digital vision, linguistics, execution, editing, postproduction and customer feedback. As you could read in this blog, Wagner Consulting created a complete service portfolio for the Audio & Media division. Our interest is to become the most recognized company that offers all translation, creativity, production, editing and communication solutions, in a only place, to facilitate the chain of service to our customers. Know and request our services, you will discover your best ally to publicize your brand or your project in all existing dynamics!