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Ndebele is a variation of the language spoken around South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. It is one of more than hundred languages Wagner Consulting International covers under our translation services. While our clientele mostly comprises of corporations expanding into the region, we also cater to academic institutes and individual who require Ndebele translation service for personal matters. We translate marketing material, technical manuals, books, official documents, legal paperwork, letters, and any other form of text from other languages such as English to Ndebele and vice versa.

A Little About Ndebele

Ndebele is an interesting language as it has two unique variations. One variation is spoken in Zimbabwe where English is the official language, and the other is spoken in South Africa where it is one of the 11 different official languages. In total, there are nearly 1 million speakers of Ndebele in the region. While most of the speakers understand English, the majority has a soft corner for Ndebele. For businesses that understand the importance of reaching people on a personal level, Ndebele translation can serve as an extremely powerful tool.

Why Us?

As a company striving to help businesses expand and grow globally, Wagner Consulting International boasts a team of linguists with qualification, experience, and great command over Ndebele and over a hundred other languages. We work closely with every client to understand the needs and demands of their particular industry. The result is a translation that preserves the context, tone, and impact of the original text.

With our large team and unmatched expertise, we promise diligent and agile service. We cut short the turnaround time as well as the cost of translation service.