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Romansh is widely spoken in Switzerland, Europe, and is called Räto-Romanisch (Romansh). It has been heavily influenced by German over the centuries also.

Romansh is divided into five different regional dialects: Sursilvan, Sutsilvan, Surmiran, Putèr, and Vallader. Each has its own standardized written language. In addition, a pan-regional variety called Rumantsch Grischun was introduced in 1982. It is considered controversial among Romansh speakers.

Wagner Consulting International offers translations from any language in to Romansh, as well as from Romansh to any language. Romansh is a spoken Latin language from the Roman Empire which has survived till today. According to a Swiss census conducted in 2000, 35,095 people consider Romansh their language of 'best command' and, 61,815 speak it on a regular basis. It is also considered a national language of Switzerland. The area and numbers speaking Romansh have been continually declining, though it remains vigorous in certain areas.

We also provide services in this language to and from other languages. Please feel free to contact a representative at Wagner Consulting at the first opportunity.

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