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Wagner Consulting International has the most accurate English-Swedish translators in the world!

Providing a wide array of translation services that deal with numerous international languages and areas such as typesetting, interpreting, editing and proof-reading and language pairings, Wagner Consulting International is a one-stop solution for all companies' needs.

Need Swedish to English Translating?

Look no further. We have the perfect solution to cater for nearly every business niche under the Sun. Swedish is one of the most integral European languages in the world, thus, Wagner Consulting International makes sure that there is a team of Swedish translators that do absolute justice to all technical, legal and educational orders.

The Best Swedish Translators on the web.

Wagner Consulting International takes absolute pride in its team of dedicated Swedish translators who are not only native linguists but, are also passionate. The team of Swedish experts comprises of staff members who are educated in varied career categories such as film, aeronautics, economics and finance, business communication, law etc. and so have knowledge to be able to interpret translate or work with about understanding of each subject matter. Moreover, with the specialized processes carefully designed to incorporate the requirements of each unique client, Wagner Consulting International is more than highly trained and able to meet even the most demanding deadlines. All Swedish work into English, carefully goes through proof-reading and screening for any possible errors, so that all text can be corrected, before it is sent back to the clients.

Work ethic strongly focuses on clients, thus, understanding that areas such as legal translations, for example, require certification to avoid any complexities in future. Wagner Consulting International is a licensed firm with strong legal backing and is a leader in those services it purports.

The Order Online page can be easily used to get a quote on services, by simply entering the requested information, within seconds.