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What do you think was first: the word or the image? Yes, our ancestors used graphic design in caves to express the reality of their lives. But deep inside the concept, effective communication lies in both elements. That's what graphic design is about: the skill of combining text and images to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect.
Some would say it is art with a purpose. In the pragmatical business world, indeed, designing ideas to enhance experiences is an intricate part of marketing techniques.
Good graphic designers do not only use the right symbols in harmony to achieve an aesthetic result but to actually solve a problem. They create visual abstractions that inspire and transform.
Great graphic designers also look for the added value. These professionals always seek the ultimate goal of absolute satisfaction for both clients and the public.
Here at Wagner Consulting International, our talented team specializes in developing concepts even from the most complex ideas in a simplified way for the immediate comprehension, fulfilling the set objectives: to bring interest, empathy, need or whatsoever is required for the project.
We are truly commited to our mission, which is to communicate our client’s message in a dynamic and creative way, transforming their ideas into a professional visual experience.
And we do it in the most responsible manner. That's why every single client has come back after the first time of working together. From then on, we always put in the same passion and dedication to the projects as we did for the first one.
Creativity and accuracy are what define us. And we distinguised ourselves from others for our punctuality in delivering each work.
All our experts are involved in the complete aspects of the design process, advertising, illustration, branding, digital and web design, using the latest knowledge of industry software.
You will be glad to know the quality is high but the prices aren't. Although we are able to carry out a wide variety of styles for many industry sectors and focus in a custom-made work, our rates are affordable for any company size.
At Wagner, we know our clients are forward thinking business people who understand the value of marketing and design. So, our desire is to help clients grow their firms with astounding designs.
We also advise them on effective and modern ways to market their brands or products. As we love our job and we want to perform it in the best possible way, we are up to date in the new trends.

For more information or hire our services, please contact us. We will be happy to attend your inquiries.