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The Bantu languages (Niger-Congo languages), a family of languages of Africa, which in terms of the number of languages spoken, their geographic extent, and the number of speakers is by far the largest language family in Africa (/ˈbæntuː/),[2] technically the Narrow Bantu languages (as opposed to "Wide Bantu", a loosely defined categorization which includes other Bantoid languages), constitute a traditional branch of the Niger–Congo languages.

Bantu languages are spoken largely East and South of present-day Cameroon, that is, in the regions commonly known as Central AfricaSoutheast Africa, and Southern Africa. Parts of the Bantu area include languages from other language families.

Bantu Languages Wagner Consulting International works with:

·         Lingala

·         Luganda

·         Sepedi

·         Sesotho

·         Setswana

·         Shona

·         Siswati

·         Tishiluba

·         Tsonga

·         Xhosa

·         Zulu

·         Swahili

·         Kituba

·         Chichewa

·         Kinyarwanda

Some 85 per cent of the population of Africa — at least 600 million people — speak a Niger-Congo language. In two countries, Niger and Chad, Niger-Congo languages are spoken by a minority. In northern Nigeria, northern Uganda, and Kenya there are substantial populations speaking other languages, but even in these countries the majority of the population speaks a Niger-Congo language.

Why Wagner Consulting International?

Wagner Consulting International is quite possibly the most reputable centre for translating and interpreting in the world, and in all the above listed Bantu African languages. Africa is experiencing rapid growth, especially in the legal, agricultural and renewable resources. This in turn means that there is high demand for communication between African countries and the EU (and other states) who are providing funding, donations and assistance, as well as skilled workers and investors to the region. Therefore, the need for contracts, interpreters, engineers, management and CEOs and contractors to be able to communicate with the respective authorities in each country is absolutely imperative, and that’s where Wagner Consulting International comes in. As leader in translations, interpreting and skilled experts in nearly language, we show complete meticulousness and professionalism in every area and language needed. We, too, provide not only 7 day a week services, but have completed over 7,000 services to companies and businesses worldwide.