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Industry Solutions

Media and Entertainment

Wagner knows the entertainment industry, its demands and its constant evolution

as a result of a growing market requirements,  that consumes content from all over the world and in all languages. Thanks to globalization, our services are a great tool to generate adaptability in the contents.

Our extensive experience in working with media and entertainment companies has established our great reputation as the leading provider of translation and language solutions specializing in mass media, digital media and the entertainment industry.

Our portfolio:

  • Interpretation services for various heads of state (conferences, seminars and state visits)
  • Voice-over and dubbing
  • Subtitling service for movies, TV shows, video games, toys, mobile applications and advertising campaigns.
  • Music industry: Wagner advises producers and musicians in the translation of album covers, musical pieces translation, translation of press releases and announcements.

Contact us through our sales managers around the world, or write us to have the pleasure of advising your Media and Entertainment project.

At Wagner there is a team ready to accompany your company´s growth!