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Wolof is a language spoken across Senegal, the Gambia, and Mauritania. Wagner Consulting International is home to the very best Wolof Translators. We work with professional linguists and experts with years of experience in meeting clients expectations. With our large team of Wolof linguists, we cater to urgent and high quality demands. We have expertise over 100 different languages including English, Spanish, and Arabic. We cater to all kinds of translations including books, legal papers, magazines, manuals, and academic projects.

A Little About Wolof

Wolof is the native language of the Wolof people however, its origins are traced back to the Lebou people. It is one of the very few Niger-Congo languages that are not tonal. It is in fact, an amalgam of Arabic, French and Senegalese. In Senegal, nearly 40 percent of the population can speak Wolof as their mother tongue or as a second languages. According to the last survey in this regard, there are nearly 4.2 million native Wolof speakers. Wolof translation has become an essential marketing tool for businesses trying to tap into the local market.

Why Us?

Wagner Consulting International is not just a translation company, it is a complete business consulting company that understands your needs. While we provide Wolof translations services to a diverse range of clients, we pride ourselves in the way we help businesses utilize the language as a powerful marketing tool. Our translation service is based on our understanding of your industry as well as the cultural differences that impact the quality of translation.

For a translation service that will preserve the meaning, context and purpose of your text, choose Wagner Consulting International with absolute confidence.