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Nowadays, the use of CAT and QA tools is a must-have for the professional translation. First of all, let’s define what is CAT tools. CAT tool – it’s a software that facilitates the work of translators. Translation done with CAT tools is not a machine translation. This tool only helps the linguist to perform translation faster, and also to improve the translation quality by ensuring consistency of terms and phrases throughout the document. With the help of a CAT-tool you can:
• Create a database of terms (glossary) used in the text. This will allow you to translate the same term identically throughout the text, thus ensuring the homogeneity of the translation. If you have your own company-approved terms that you need to follow when translating, CAT tools will allow you to monitor the use of such terms throughout the text.
• Using a CAT tool, you can create a Translation Memory (TM). It is a database of the translation history for each specific project, topic and a language pair. It does help to improve the translation quality in the following ways: 1. for the next project, you will not need to spend extra time explaining the terms, style and basic elements of your message – you already have it all in your project TM; 2. this saves your translation expenses, since the cost is reduced for words that have already been translated earlier.
Additionally to the CAT-tools, many translation companies use QA tools. Some CAT-tools already have a built-in QA module, but some QA tools are available as a stand-alone product. These tools help to check for formal errors, verify a uniformity of the translated content, use of terminology, tags, numbers, correct spelling, etc.
Of course, at this stage of scientific and technological progress, there is no software that could replace a professional translator or editor, but the use of these tools facilitates solving a part of proofreader’s tasks, helps to reduce clients’ costs and improves the translation quality.

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