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The main goal for any project is to let it success to keep the client’s satisfaction. To succeed with the project we need to plan it from beginning, keep in mind the risks for this project to avoid it. This operation called project management, which includes time management, budget management and quality.
Time management: to maintain the client’s satisfaction we have to keep in mind that time is one of the most important things and should be respected. For example in the translation field: if you deliver a project early than deadline and then client discover something wrong or something to be changed, so he will send it back to you, to apply changes and deliver again without being late so in this case we have enough time to do changes and deliver everything with good quality. So if the situation was if we are already late with the project and then after late delivering, we have to do some changes or something was wrong client will be angry and will stress you, which can drive us to quality issue because of stress. Therefore, time should be well managed since beginning: as a project manager you have to set time for linguist to finish, set plan B with good timing if that linguist did not start, you have to find someone else to finish the work. You have always to follow up with your linguists to not be stressed and everything should be delivered on time and early is always better.
Budget management: Personally, budget management is the hardest step to manage a project. Because to maintain a high quality of any project you have to use a skilled linguist for translation field and skilled and experts linguists are always expensive and you have to make a good benefit for your company, which is the main goal. Why we are trying to keep the client’s satisfaction is to keep is to make benefits. I do it by creating a good relationship with linguists so once they like communicating with you and feels you are as a PM professional and always helping them they will always do discount for you and maybe also do a lot of favors to you because they likes your deals. Therefore, communication is very important to manage budget in your projects.
Finally, the quality, which is the main thing that can keep client happy and satisfy. To maintain a high quality foe your project: you have to take care of it by choosing a skilled expert linguist meeting deadlines and revising the project before delivery to make sure that everything is going to be on the good way.


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