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Angular JS is the name given to the JS framework created by Google employees, launched in October 2010. The framework is based on the MVC pattern (Model, View, Controller), with the aim of separating presentation layers, logic and components of an application.
It was conceived with the following objectives in mind:
• Undock DOM manipulation from application logic.
• Undocking the client side of the server side in an application.
• Provide structure for the development of an application.

What is Angular JS used for?
Its main use is the creation of SPA's (Single Page Apps), applications designed with the aim of achieving the utmost fluency in UX. This is achieved by making the communication between client and server transparent to the user, so that it has the feeling of never leaving the main page of the application.
What are the advantages?
• Two-way data binding:
Unlike most systems of 'templates' and / or frameworks, Angular uses a system in which view and model are in constant relation. The model is considered as 'Single-Source-of-Truth'. Thanks to this, all visual change is updated in real time in the model and vice versa, avoiding that the developer oversees achieving synchronization between model and view, as is the case of other frameworks.
• Directives:
They consist of markers in a DOM element that indicates to the Angular compiler that said element has a specific behavior. Thanks to this, it can be easily worked at the component level (these components being reusable throughout the application).
Let's suppose that we have an application with users and that they can add a photo to their profile, which will be shown in the whole application. In case of not having said photo, we would have to upload one by default. All this behavior could be included in a directive to which it was indicated which user wants to show and this would be responsible for asking for the photo of said user or to set the default in case the user did not have any.
• Community:
The community of developers have given great support to this framework (a search for 'angular' in GitHub, gives 117428 results), so there are many modules already created. This allows to facilitate and speed up the development of applications, since the developer can focus on the most complex parts of the development.
What platforms do Angular JS use?
We can find a wide variety of pages programmed in AngularJs that we use in our day to day. Among them are Virgin Mobile, Amazon, Forbes and most of Google pages like Gmail.

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