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It is Saint Nicholas Day and the joy is felt in different countries around the world! On the night of December 5th to the 6th, Saint Nicholas visits the houses to leave some gifts for ‘the good children’.
This day celebrates the spirit of giving, so today we give you some interesting and amazing facts about the holiday.
1. Saint Nicholas is a real character
This holiday is inspired by Saint Nicholas of Myra, who served as a bishop of Greece in the 4th century. He was born in Patara, in the southwest of Turkey between 250 and 270. Saint Nick was known for his generosity and for giving secret gifts to people, especially children in need, struggling families and the ill. Saint Nicholas would place coins into people’s shoes. This is said to be the origin to the tradition of hanging stockings over the fireplace on Christmas Eve.
2. The holiday is very popular in Europe
Today, this day is celebrated in many European countries including Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Austria, Russia, the Netherlands, some regions of France (especially in the Alsace and Lorraine regions).
3. St. Nicholas is connected to Santa Claus’ traditions
Santa Claus is inspired by St. Nicholas. The name of this character popular worldwide during Christmas season actually derives from the St. Nick’s name in Dutch “Sinterklaas,” which was itself derived from a variation of the name “Saint Nikolaos.”
4. There are different parades to celebrate the arrival of the Saint
In most places, the holiday celebrations include an annual arrival parade. In the Netherlands, the parades usually feature someone dresses as Sinterklaas on a horse, bat, carriage or even helicopter.
In addition, Sinterklaas spends some time visiting children in hospitals and kids would leave a carrot for his horse.
5. The biggest celebration time is actually the eve
The eve of the St. Nick’s day is often more important than the actual day. It is common for families to get together and celebrate with gift-giving.
Even today, it is popular to give gifts, especially to children, and place them inside boots left in front of the fireplace.

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