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Nowadays, users prefer to watch audiovisuals than to read written content. The reason is simple – the audiovisual piece is more interactive and dynamic, which makes the experience more entertaining.

In fact, several studies have revealed that the human brain digests audiovisual content 60 thousand times faster than writing.

With a video, you can manage to reach your audience in a very fast and effective way. Indeed, it is a proven fact that with the audiovisuals elements, you can approach your costumers in ways you can’t imagine.

The influence of video is such that it has become essential in the strategies. It has been consolidated over time, because only in 2017 more than 100 million hours of video were viewed every day on social networks such as Twitter it is known that video reproductions grew up 220 times more than December 2014 to December 2015.

At Wagner, we believe that it is essential to have audiovisual content to increase sales and recognition of your brand. In short, video marketing applied to large companies and industries is the best method to capture the audience and keep them attentive until the end of the content.

In addition to allowing a much simpler and more effective tracking of metrics that will help you better identify your main target and above all how it reacts/interacts with your visual content.

Corporate videos help the brain create a better impression of your business, which opens greater possibilities to establish a good relationship of trust between the company and the client.

Moreover, it is proven that viewers understand better the identity of a company through the visualization of audiovisual material than with written texts. They even prefer to search for videos on the web before buying a product or requesting a service.

If you have a company, video marketing will not only help you promote your products more effectively and generate engagement with your customers, but it will also benefit the positioning of your website and increase your visibility, while also being an excellent tool to build trust between your customers.

One of its main advantages is that the video adapts to any format and you can take advantage of it in different platforms increasing the possibility of reaching more clients. You can spread your video on your website, YouTube, media, landing page, blog, mailing, on your social networks, etc.

Make your promotional and advertising videos in your channels to your target audience, boost the video marketing of your company!




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