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As technology and the Internet have transformed the clear majority of the industries, so has Social Media played its substantial part in these new days. Studies show that teenagers spend over 9 hours scrolling down their phones while they update the newsfeed.

Furthermore, Social Media as a tool was created to fulfill several purposes. To briefly mention them we need to understand the impact on society and everything that takes part in it. As such, Social Media was created to…

  •  Share experiences, thoughts and news,
  •  Learn and be informed first to decide later,
  •  Interact with peers, and
  •  Use it as a marketing tool.

This impact on human behavior has not been unnoticed by the Tourism sector. This industry has been profoundly transformed in how its companies communicate and market to their target demographic. To better understand this, here are three ways these companies or brands have transformed due to Social Media and its uses:

1. Social Media presence

Nowadays, many companies have a Social Media presence, and this is due to the window of visibility these platforms offer. Moreover, another important reason why social networks management is practically a need for the company to provide help to unsatisfied or confused costumers, and to be aware of the impact the company is having on its customers.

An important truth is that companies that respond to a complaint in a sincere and genuine manner develop a strong reputation among potential and current customers. As a result, many companies use interacting mechanisms to better know their audience.

2. Destination Reviews

One of the main changes Social Media has brought to human behavior is the possibility of sharing opinions and experiences using a platform with a potential worldwide view. This fundamental fact created destination reviews for everyone to be informed.

Therefore, more and more travelers go online to do research about their destinations, accommodations and activities. Thus, brands and companies in the industry have had to offer something else, and this is where Social Media comes in, either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest have offered brands the opportunity to change the focus to provide travel inspiration and an in-person experience other than just a brand publicity of a given destination.

3. Credible Reputation

Social Media lays out a platform for brands in the industry to construct a solid reputation for everyone to see. This is based on a user-generated style that allows customers to speak for themselves before, during and after the travel experience. This reaction is one crucial element that visitors or potential clients look for in a brand social media account to make a final decision regarding whether it is worth it to use the service or not.

This characteristic is the reason why brands and companies in the Tourism industry use SM campaigns or contests to show their clients the amazing moments they will live on their trips. This first-hand experience and their opinions on the service gives a seal of credibility to the brand’s Twitter/Facebook or Instagram account.



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