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Brushes, paints, and a blank virtual canvas.

Today there are applications designed to draw like a professional, tools full of colors, pencils, and brushes with different strokes that mimic their physical versions in great detail.

Next, we are going to review which are the best drawing applications that we will find for your pc, tablet or smartphone, and so you can take advantage of all your creativity drawing by sliding your finger across the screen, with a digital pen or the mouse of a lifetime.

Here are some of the best applications for drawing:

Autodesk Sketchbook, an app to draw and create sketches

Every good drawing should start with an idea and with this app you can draw and create sketches. It is completely free and suitable for Windows 10 and macOS, you will find an appropriate interface for your first strokes, using more than 130 brushes, you will also make your drawings in several layers, and canvases of different sizes to add different color palettes.

Corel Painter, how to paint in Corel very easy

This application will help if you want to make the leap from traditional to digital painting. Your brushstrokes on paper will be as real as painting in Corel, you will make artistic pieces with original styles thanks to the various realistic brushes, you will use paper textures, photographic art functions, and much more. The only detail of Corel Painter is that at the moment it is available in the English language.

Paint Tool SAI, program to make drawings

When you have problems with digital drawing, Paint Tool SAI is the solution, it is ideal for its function of stabilizer stroke, just calibrate your graphic tablet, so your drawings will be more fluid. A good option as a program to make drawings, you will create your illustrations in a simple way for the workspace that you have, although at first sight, it seems a little out of date, the results give a lot of satisfaction.

Krita art, digital drawing, and painting program

This digital drawing program is mainly focused on digital painting; however, you can create both retouching and vector images, using its various effects and brushes, and thus work comfortably on the interface. Currently, it is available for Windows.

Gimp, editor of images and photos

If you used Photoshop and had complications, this editor of images and photos will make everything easier, Gimp has the same functions, create logos, touch up and compose. You will work graphics in different formats like jpg, tiff, among others. Also, import PDF files and svg vector images.

Inkscape, vector graphics editor

Take your drawings to vectors in an appropriate quality with this vector graphics editor, the interface is easy to understand. Create and manipulate objects, copy and paste styles, use markers in the layout, and use any font for the text. This application is suitable for Windows and macOS.

Gravit Designer, the application to design

Another alternative for vector graphics is the Gravit Designer app, it's free, use it on your PC without problems, but, if you want your maximum advantage you must have a touch screen along with a stylus, this design application helps to mix several filters and more than 40 effects in your graphics.

Sketch, the app for Mac and iPhone

With the following application, you will use everything from filters and effects to creating vectors for your illustrations, Sketch brings various plugins and it is quite fast because it is an app for Mac and iPhone. He has received good comments for the advantages he has, such as the order in the worktables or artboards. It also shows the exact measurement for each piece.

Fresh Paint, the Microsoft program

The result of your paintings will be very real with this app, you will get paintings in watercolors, pencil, oil, and pen. With this program from Microsoft, you can start with a drawing from scratch or import a photograph and turn it into a beautiful painting with brushes. It is compatible with Windows 10 and 8.

With these applications, you can give your imagination wings to fly high and create the most wonderful pieces of art that you have in your mind.




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